Display only Order Cycles

In some cases, shop owners may want to be able to display products in their shop but not actually allow customers to checkout. For example to show the range they will have when their order cycle will next open.

To setup a display only order cycle, you should open an order cycle that included the products you wish to display, for the date range that you want. Next you should go to your payment method list, and deactivate all payment methods. To inactivate your shipping/payment methods go to edit your profile and deselect all boxes in the ‘applied column’ (as below).

Your shop will now be in the ‘display only’ state. Below is an example of how the shop appears to customers. It’s clearly marked as closed, but customers can see the product range. If they do try to add items to cart or checkout, they’ll be stopped.

Note: It’s important to remember that when you next open a real order cycle, you must turn your payment methods back on so customers can checkout.