In the blue horizontal menu you'll find the Customers tab.

The customers tab contains a list of all of your shop's customers. Here you can maintain information about your customers such as their shipping/billing address, tags, codes and their name.

There are some other OFN tools that rely on the Customer list, including:

  • Private shopfronts that are visible to approved customers only

  • Tag rules which are used to control the visibility of certain things to certain customers (incl. products, order cycles, shipping methods and payment methods).

  • Subscriptions can be applied to customers who are on your customer list.

Maintaining your customer list

Any customers who have placed an order in your shop will be listed on the Customer Page. Each unique email address used, will be listed as a unique customer.

You can also add customer emails to your list by typing the email in the Add New Customer field. Once customers are in your customers page, you will be able to add their addresses and codes or tags.

Name: You can save a name next to this customer, for your own reference.

Code: You can apply a code to the customer. This code has no impact/action attached to it. The only place the code will be visible is in some reports. You may find adding a code helps with your reporting.

Tags: Tags can be used to customise the shopping experience for certain customers. See tags and tag rules for more details.

If you are transferring an existing hub/shop onto the OFN there is no way to import your database of customers into the system.

Customer Billing and Shipping Address

A default billing and shipping address can be saved for each customer. These details will be auto-saved by the system when the customer shops with their given email address. Or you can overwrite these details at your customers’s request.

What’s the benefit of saving default address details? These details will be auto-filled for the customer when they go to checkout, making checkout quicker. These details will also auto-fill if you choose to create an order for your customer in the back end or create a subscription for the customer.

If a customer changes address, they can also update their default address records during checkout themselves by selecting the ‘save as default’ checkbox: