Transfer ownership

There are some cases where users need to transfer ownership of a profile to other users. For instance, when a hub or group page is getting set up, producer profiles are often created by the hub or group manager, on behalf of the producer. This page outlines how, as a profile owner, you can transfer ownership of a profile to someone else.

The first step is to go to the Users section of the profile.

If the new owner has already signed up to OFN.

  • You can search for registered emails in the managers field. When you add them they'll become a manager of the enterprise.

If the new owner hasn’t created a login to OFN yet.

  • Click the 'Add an unregistered user' button and enter the email. An email confirmation link will be sent to that email. When the user clicks the link, they'll be made a manager of this enterprise.

Note: Users require permission to own/manage more than one profile. If you get a message saying that the new owner/manager of a profile has reached their enterprise limit, email us and we’ll grant the user permission to own additional profiles.

Lastly, you can make the new manager 'owner'. You can do this by selected them in the 'Owner' dropdown field. You may wish to then delete yourself as manager, or you may remain as a manager.