Setup Manuals

The Open Food Network works as both a directory of local food enterprises and an ecommerce software that you can use to sell online.

The OFN is flexible and can be used by different people in different ways.

We have put together unique setup manuals which provide specific setup guidance depending on who you are and how you want to use the Open Food Network. Have a look at our setup manuals to find the one that's right for you.

Find the setup manual that's right for you

Are you a producer (someone who grows, raises, bakes or brews)?

  • Producer (Profile Only)

  • Producer (Shop)

Or are you a hub (someone who trades in fair food, or supports fair food, but doesn't create food themselves)?

  • Hub (Profile)

  • Hub (Shop)

Are you a farmer's market?

  • Farmer's Market (Group page)

  • Farmer's Market (Shops)

Are you looking to setup one of these particular multi-party cooperative models?

  • Multi-Producer Shop

  • Multi-Producer Pre-Orders