Producer (Profile Only)

What is a producer profile?

  • A profile gives you a place to tell your story.

  • You'll be visible on the OFN map.

  • You'll be visible in the producer directory.

  • You can add in your products and be stocked others' shops on OFN.

  • If you ever want to run your own shop, you can add the shopfront functionality to your profile.

What does it do?

Makes you visible When you have a profile on the Open Food Network, you become visible in your local food movement. You become contactable to customers who want to access your products. And you become reachable to other enterprises who may want to collaborate or distribute with you.

Lets you supply other shops If you want to supply a shop on the Open Food Network, you can create your profile, and then upload your product range. The shop you supply can then see your products and add them to their OFN online shopfront.

Steps for setting up a Producer Profile

1) Register your profile on Open Food Network. This setup tool will ask for basic information about your enterprise to create your profile. You'll be prompted to confirm your email address.

2) Select the 'producer profile' package type.

Your basic profile is now complete!

If you want to edit your profile, or add further detail you can.

3) Modify your profile in your Enterprise Settings. It's a good idea to add your Properties here e.g. free range, organic.

You will now have a space to tell the story of your enterprise and to help drive connections to your social and online presence.

If you want to supply a shop on OFN with your produce:

4) Add your product range.

5) Grant the shop you want to supply with permission to stock your products.

Advanced features that are helpful for producers with profiles.

Want to setup an online shop? Now that you have a profile on the OFN, with just a few more setup steps, you can open an online shop. See the Producer Shop setup manual. You've already completed step 1 when you created your profile, so start at step 2 and change your package.