Producer (Shop)

What is a producer shop?

  • A producer shop lets you sell your produce through your own online shop

  • When you have a shop, you also have a profile, which gives you a place to tell your story.

  • You'll be visible on the OFN map and the producer directory.

What does it do?

Sell your food your way A producer shop includes all the functions you need to sell your produce direct to customers online. You can add your products to your shop, and sell them how you like. You can chose the ordering routine. You choose how the food is distributed. You choose how customer pay.

Streamline your admin tasks As well as a customer friendly checkout experience, your shop has all the behind the scenes administration tools to save you time, such as tracking orders, payments and inventory.

Collaborate with others The OFN is a network, so you are able to connect with other shops. This way you can stock your products in your own independent store, as well as supplying other shops on OFN.

Makes you visible The first step to creating your online shop is to create your profile. When you have a profile on the Open Food Network, you become visible in your local food movement. You become contactable to customers who want to access your products. And you become reachable to other enterprises who may want to collaborate or distribute with you.

Steps for setting up a Producer Shop

1) Register your profile on Open Food Network. This setup tool will ask for basic information about your enterprise to create your profile. You'll be prompted to confirm your email address.

2) Select the 'producer shop' package type.

3) If you want to edit your profile, or add further detail you can modify your Enterprise Settings. Here you can also set your properties, chose whether your shop is open to the public or private and write a shopfront message.

4) Define and setup your shipping methods.

5) Define and setup your payment methods.

6) Add your product range.

Open your shop!

7) Open your shop by opening an order cycle. When you create an Order Cycle you set the time when you want your shop to open as well as when it will close. This process will then repeat itself. We call this an order cycle. Each time an order cycle is created, you can select which products to stock in the store.

Great! You're open and ready to sell!

You can now view your orders, get detailed reports and explore the advanced features to tailor your shop to your needs.

Advanced features that are helpful for producers with shops.