Local OFN organisations and contacts

You can access the Open Food Network platform in various languages, and from various providers, depending on where you are located.

The local entities provide you with a “Saas”’ service (Software as a service, so you don’t have to deploy and run the code yourself), but you can always find the source code here, as it is an open source software released under the AGPL 3 licence.

Usually the local entities that provide this Saas service also provide other services to support more generally the development of the local food sector, like training, consulting, incubation programs, etc. Get in touch with them through their website to learn more about them! See here.

Want to learn more about what the Open Food Network is? Check our global website!

*Local platform is run by volunteers only and not regularly updated and maintained, there might be discrepancies between this user guide and the actual local platform.

**Local provider is in the process of setting up the local platform and building the offer and support to local users.

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