Advanced Features

The Basic Features chapter steps through the fundamental features required to setup a profile or shop on OFN. Once you have familiarised yourself with these basic functionalities you can explore some of the more advanced features here.

Your Profile

  • Make producer profiles searchable by product category in the OFN directories. Read more

  • Transferring ownership of a profile from one user to another. Read more


  • Create ‘product variants’ to make your shopfront less cluttered and easier to navigate. Read more

  • Strategies for pricing irregular, indivisible items which are charged by the kg, such as meat. Read more

  • Apply ‘product properties’ to your products so customers can see which items are organic, spray free, free range etc. Read more

  • Use the inventory tool when you need more flexibility in your product management. This feature enables hubs to over-ride some details of their supplier’s products including price, stock levels and SKU code. Read more

  • Use the group buy feature to aid in the administration of products which are purchased in bulk. Read more

Shop Setup

  • Charging different prices to different customers. Read more

  • Make your shopfront private. Read more

  • Maintain a list of your customers. This is required to use other features such as tags and subscriptions. Read more

  • Apply ‘tags’ to your customers and customise their shopping experience with tag rules. Includes restricting availability of shipping and payment methods, products and order cycles. Read more

  • Do you want to embed your shop into your own external website? You can do this with embedded shops. Read more

  • Get setup to print thermally printed receipts (only available in some countries). Read more

Collaborating with other enterprises

  • Understand how Enterprise to Enterprise permissions (E2Es) are used to enable different forms of collaboration between enterprises and how they might apply to you. Read more

  • Learn how E2E permission impact each party in multi-enterprise order cycles. Read more

Order Cycles

  • Opening more than one order cycle at the same time. Read more

  • Create a display only order cycle so visitors can see what’s in your shop even when your order cycle is closed. Read more


  • Setup your enterprise confguration to enable subscriptions. Read more

  • Create and manage subscription orders for customers. Read more

  • Consider how your customers will interact with their subscription. Read more


  • Create an order manually for your customer from the back end. Read more


  • Create and manage a group page, which acts as a sub directory within the OFN for regional producer groups, certification bodies, markets etc. Read more

  • Embed your Group Page in your own, external website. Read more