Reward your volunteers


Would you like to say a little thank you to the people who help run your community food enterprise? One option is to allow staff and volunteers to have a small discount off any shopping they do. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to implement this. The process draws on the highly flexible Customer Management tools available using Tags and Tag Rules.


  • Ask your volunteers to let you know the email address linked to their OFN account.

  • Login to your business OFN account and visit Customers page.

  • Use the ‘Quick Search’ box to identify if the person has shopped with you before.

  • If their email address doesn’t appear then click + New Customer and add their address.

  • Add the tag ‘volunteer’ to the customer’s entry.

  • Visit Enterprises -> Settings and then select ‘Payment Methods’ from the left hand menu.

  • Click + New Payment Method.

Name: Volunteer 5% Discount Description: Thank you for helping us run our local food hub. Display: Both Checkout and Back Office Active: yes Tags: Add the tag ‘volunteer’ into this space. Provider: choose the most appropriate method for your business. Fee Calculator: Flat Percent

  • After selecting Create, add ‘-5’ * to the ‘Amount’ field of the ‘Fee Calculator’ Section. (Negative sign results in a discount) *-5 will result in a 5% discount if your enterprise does not use Enterprise Fees.

All percentage fees are calculated on a percentage of product costs only.

If your business adds a flat percent Enterprise Fee to all products then the amount you need to enter into the 'Flat Percent' field for this discount payment method is:

=(100+EnterpriseFee)DesiredDiscount/100= (100 + Enterprise Fee)*Desired Discount/100

eg. for a business with an enterprise fee of 20% who would like to offer a 5% discount to volunteers, the amount to enter in the flat percent of this payment method is:

=(100+20)5/100=6= -(100 + 20) *5/100 = -6

  • Visit your Enterprise -> Settings page and select ‘Tag Rules’ from the left hand menu. Set up the following Tag rules:

Default: Payment Methods tagged ‘volunteer’ are not visible. For customers tagged ‘volunteer’ payment methods tagged ‘volunteer’ are visible.

Bingo! Only your volunteers will be offered a 5% discount when they shop with you.

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