Change Profile Managers/Owners

It is common for a producer's profile to be created by a hub and then for the hub to add the producer as a manager of that profile. It's also common to then transfer the "ownership" (primary manager) of the profile to the producer when the producer accepts to manage their profile and product catalog themselves.

To add a new manager and eventually transfer ownership, here is the procedure to follow:

  • On the admin dashboard, go to the Users menu of your Enterprise settings (Enterprise > Settings > Users):

  • Under "Managers", search for the email of the producer you would like to add as a manager.

Case 1: The Producer in question already has a user account with OFN: Their email will already be registered with us and so it will appear as you start to type. Select and click 'Update' (red button, bottom right) to save.

Warning: you must search for the exact full email. We recommend searching our list of users by copying and pasting the entire email address.

Case 2: The Producer in question does not yet have a user account with OFN: In this case, you cannot find their email when you type in the box 'Add an Existing User'. You must then click on "Add an Unregistered User" just below, next to the 'Invite Manager' field. The producer will then receive an email from us to confirm their registration. On following the instructions detailed in the email they will be able to complete setting up their OFN account, including adding a password.

Once the producer is a manager of the enterprise profile you created on their behalf, you can choose to name them the main manager and/or the contact to receive order notification. At this stage, as a hub manager you may wish to remove yourself from the list of managers.

Do not forget to click 'Update' to save your changes!

By default, a user cannot be a manager/owner of more than 5 enterprises. If you receive a message stating that the new user has reached their limit, contact us and we will increase their business limit.

This measure is intended to avoid the mass creation of spam profiles by robots, something that could blow our server and make the platform unavailable. It is a common preventative measure.

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