Vouchers is in 'beta' mode, meaning it's a new feature that may still have some glitches. Please contact us with any feedback about what works, what needs improving or how it could be better explained.

Voucher codes can be created to offer shopping discounts to new or existing customers. Voucher functionality is still relatively limited, please read through this guide before implementing vouchers in your shop process.

Set up and manage vouchers in the Vouchers tab in your Enterprise Settings.

Setting up a voucher

  • Go to 'Vouchers' by clicking on Enterprises in the blue bar at the top of the page and then click Settings next to your enterprise. The Vouchers page is found in the menu on the left hand side

  • Click Add New in the top right of the vouchers page to be taken to the new vouchers page

  • Voucher Code - the code customers will enter to recieve a discount. Code is string matched, so double check the spelling, spaces and numbers.

  • Voucher Type

    • Percentage: The voucher will add a percentage discount to the entire order the code is applied to.

    • Amount: The numeric percentage or flate rate you wish the discount to apply

  • Click save to create the voucher.

New vouchers will be created as active. If you do not want your voucher to be active, switch it off using the steps below

Managing vouchers

Vouchers can be turned off and on as needed by enterprise managers.

Voucher codes will not automatically switch off after customer use

In the Vouchers page in Enterprise Settings, use the checkbox against each voucher code to deactivate or reactive your vouchers.

Click update to save changes

Customer facing use

Customers will need the exact code as entered in the Voucher Code field of set up (above).

In step 2 of check out, Payment method, customers can enter the voucher code to have it applied to their order.

Only 1 voucher code can be applied per order

After applying the code, continue through check out to finalise the order

If the voucher brings the order total cost to zero, or below, the customer will not be prompted to enter payment method or details. See screenshot below

If only part of the voucher is used (order total becomes negative), the remaining credit will not be carried over to the customers next order.

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