Subscriptions is in 'beta' mode, meaning it's a new feature that may still have some glitches. Please contact us with any feedback about what works, what needs improving or how it could be better explained.

What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions are recurring or standing orders that can be set up for the customers of any Enterprise with a shopfront. Once set up, these orders will be automatically processed at defined intervals (eg. weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

Subscriptions are convenient for customers, as they can know that their order will be processed without needing to remember to place their order.

Subscriptions are also a good way for an Enterprise to boost customer loyalty and make their order volumes are

more predictable.

Features of Subscriptions

  • Customers can choose to have their 'usual order' placed automatically.

  • Customers can set up an automatic credit card payment (using Stripe) for their subscription

  • Enterprises and/or customers can pause, cancel and/or add/remove products from their standard subscription order.

Set up subscriptions: Step-by-Step guide

Configuration: this page describes the steps to make your enterprise 'Subscription Ready'

Creating and Managing Orders: this page describes the steps involved in actually creating a new subscription and subsequently processing the order.

Customer Set Up: this page describes a customer's perspective of subscriptions.

It can be useful to write a 'subscriptions guide' for your customers to help them through the process. You can see an example of a great subscriptions guide written by Tamar Valley Food Hub on their website here.

If you struggle with any aspect of setting up subscriptions for your enterprise you may like to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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