Running a Social Media Promotion


To retain loyal customers and/or attract new ones you may from time to time like to run a social media promotion. For example, you might post on Facebook and Instagram that for all orders received in the coming week over the value of £20, customers can claim a 5% discount on their shopping the following week.

Below is a step-by-step guide to implementing the above example. The process relies on the highly flexible Tag and Tag rules facility on the OFN platform. At the end of this page are tips on how to adapt this promotional offer.


This is a THREE step process:

  1. Identifying eligible customers who purchased above the threshold value.

  2. Enabling these customers to get a discount the following week.

  3. Removing this discount after one week.

Step One

  • Review your Orders when the current order cycle has closed. You can identify all the customers who have purchased above the threshold using the following:

    1. Filter by Order Cycle name

    2. Sort by total high to low (click on ‘Total’ twice)

Step Two

  • Visit your Customers page.

  • Use the ‘Quick Search’ box to find customers who spent above your threshold on last week’s order cycle.

  • Add the tag ‘week2reward’ to the customer’s entry.

  • Visit Enterprises -> Settings and then select ‘Payment Methods’ from the left hand menu. Click + New Payment Method.

Name: Thank you Discount Description: a message of your choice (for example ‘As a small thank you for your support we would like to offer you 5% off this week’s shop’) Display: Both Checkout and Back Office Active: yes Tags: Add the tag ‘week2reward’ into this space. Provider: choose the most appropriate method for your business. Fee Calculator: Flat Percent

  • After selecting Create, add ‘-5’ * to the ‘Amount’ field of the ‘Fee Calculator’ Section. (Negative sign results in a discount) *-5 will result in a 5% discount if your enterprise does not use Enterprise Fees.

All percentage fees are calculated on a percentage of product costs only.

If your business adds a flat percent Enterprise Fee to all products then the amount you need to enter into the 'Flat Percent' field for this discount payment method is:

=(100+EnterpriseFee)DesiredDiscount/100= (100 + Enterprise Fee)*Desired Discount/100

eg. for a business with an enterprise fee of 20% who would like to offer a 5% discount to volunteers, the amount to enter in the flat percent of this payment method is:

=(100+20)5/100=6= -(100 + 20) *5/100 = -6

  • Visit your Enterprise -> Settings page and select ‘Tag Rules’ from the left hand menu. Set up the following Tag rules:

Default: Payment Methods tagged ‘week2reward’ are not visible. For customers tagged ‘week2reward’ payment methods tagged ‘week2reward’ are visible.

Bingo! Only those customers who spent more than your threshold amount last week will be offered a 5% discount when they shop with you this week

Step Three

When the order cycle closes, as a hub, you may not want that particular set of customers to be eligible for a 5% discount on their future purchases (ie continue to have a discount for more than one week). In which case you will need to either:

  • Remove the ‘week2reward’ tag from all the customer names Or

  • Change the tag rule to: For Customers tagged ‘week2reward’ Payment Methods tagged ‘week2reward’ are NOT VISIBLE.

You might also like to consider rewarding repeat customers with a small discount.

Rewarding only those customers who spend over a threshold amount may exclude those who live on their own or have a more limited household budget. You may like to run a social media campaign to encourage customer loyalty- whatever the value of their weekly/monthly spends are.

To do this you will need to keep an external record of how often each customer purchases from your OFN shopfront. The support team in your local instance maybe able to help compile this data for you.

With this information these are some ideas of campaigns you could run:

5% discount off their next order to customers who order x number weeks/order cycles in a row.

In this case you would use the same steps outlined above to tag both the customer and the payment method (with a negative fee calculator) for one order cycle.

Free or discounted delivery of their next order to customers who have ordered x number of weeks in a row (akin to buy 3 lots of delivery and get the next free).

In this case you would tag the customer (say ‘thankyouweek1’) and then create a shipping method with the same tag (which was at a discounted rate).

The default and complementary tag rules would be:

Default: Shipping Methods tagged thankyouweek1 are NOT VISIBLE Rule: For customers tagged thankyouweek1 Shipping Methods tagged thakyouweek1 are VISIBLE

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