Glossary of OFN Terms

  • Bulk Order Management: This facility enables you to manipulate multiple orders at once, rather than individually. It is useful for:

    • buying groups who have to reach a minimum number of orders on an item before it is feasible to purchase the goods to redistribute to their customers

    • Adjusting orders en-mass (e.g. in the case of a crop failure/outbreak of illness) preventing delivery of one or more items of produce.

  • Enterprise Fee: A margin or commission added to the base price of an item to cover business overhead costs or to make the enterprise profitable.

  • Enterprise Permission: A connection between suppliers and distributors on the platform. Without permission (which needs to be granted by the supplier), another enterprise can not edit your settings or list your products for sale.

  • Group Buy: Organising sales to customers where the goods are bought by the distributing hub in bulk, or for which there is a minimum order before a supplier is happy to deliver goods to a collection point.

  • Hub: A food retail outlet on OFN which sells items supplied by others. A hub can also sell goods which it makes or grows (a Producer Hub). Analogous businesses on the high street might be a shop which buys in stock for re-sale from lots of different producers (e.g. they might buy bread from a baker, vegetables from the local wholesale market, meat from the local farm...).

  • Inventory: A list of products which you wish to stock on your shop front. By using the OFN inventory function a shopfront can change some of the product settings of produce from a third party supplier.

  • Order Cycle: A period during which shoppers/buyers can place an order for delivery or collection at a specific time. The order cycle controls when your online shop front is open/closed and which products are available at any one time for a customer to purchase.

  • Private Shopfront: An online shop which is not open to for the general public. Unless registered, no one can see what items are for sale, their prices or place an order.

  • Producer: A food enterprise which makes, grows, bakes, cooks, ... food which it can supply to other businesses for sale (or sell directly on the OFN platform to customers).

  • Profile: A food enterprise on the OFN platform which supplies others only. They do not organise their own sales to customers on OFN.

  • Non-producer: A food enterprise which only

    distributes food and goods made and supplied by others.

  • Shop: A food enterprise on OFN which makes, grows, cooks, ... food which they sell to customers in a shop front which lists only their items. OFN Shops can also act as suppliers to larger OFN distributors (hubs).

  • Subscription: A regular automated repeating order of goods from a customer (e.g. a veg box)

  • Tags: Labels given to customers, order cycles, payment methods and/or shipping methods which can be used to customise buyers' shopping experiences.

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