OFN User Guide

Shopping with Open Food Network

Welcome to the Open Food Network!
This short video takes you on a tour of an online farmer's market shopping experience. The process of shopping from any store on the Open Food Network is very similar.
After the video, follow the links to read in more detail about any of the subjects covered.
Who are the Open Food Network?
Including information on: -Tips on Searching shop fronts for specific products
-The checkout process
Get to know your food and those who made it, including information about transparent pricing on the platform.
Your local food retailer, including information on:
-Their values
-Who their suppliers are
Your OFN Account including:
-the information stored in your account
-situations where you might need an account
Regular Automated Orders/ Subscriptions including information on:
-How you can ask for one to be set up for you
-What to expect
Common Questions you may have.