Payment Reports

Payment Reports

Payment Reports

The three Payment reports are good for keeping track of total incoming and outgoing revenue for your food hub within a time frame.

Payment by Type

The simplest payment report. This documents the total of paid, balance due and credit owing for each different type of payment a hub may employ (ie. a total for Stripe payments, a total for cash/EFT payments and one for PayPal).

Itemised Payment Totals

Listed by payment status (paid, balance due, credit owing) rather than payment provider, this report gives a breakdown of revenue (product costs, shipping fees) as well as the total. The Outstanding balance column will be 0.0 for the payment status of 'paid'

Payment Totals

In addition to the Itemised Payment Totals this report states revenue coming from EFT (cash or bank transfer) and Paypal separately.

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