Subscriptions is in 'beta' mode, meaning it's a new feature that may still have some glitches. Please contact us with any feedback about what works, what needs improving or how it could be better explained -

What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions is a tool which lets shops setup recurring or standing orders for their customers. Once setup, these orders will be automatically processed at defined intervals. The feature is convenient for customers, as they can know that their order will be processed without needing to remember to place their order. Subscriptions are also a good way for shops to boost customer loyalty and make their order volumes more predictable.

Here are the basics of Subscriptions:

  • Customers can opt to have an recurring order which contains defined products and repeats periodically.

  • Enterprises can give their customers the chance to pause, cancel and add/remove products from their subscriptions.

  • Customers can grant the shop permission to automatically bill their credit card for their subscription using the Stripe payment method.

Steps to set up subscriptions

We've described the subscription setup process in 9 steps across three pages in the user guide.

Firstly, the subscriptions - configuration page describes how to configure your shop to enable the subscription feature, and some things to do to prepare.

1) Enable Subscriptions in your Enterprise Settings.

2) Make sure you have Shipping and Payment methods setup.

3) Gather information from your customers, including their contact details, which items they'd like in their subscription and which shipping and payment methods they'll use.

4) Add your subscription customers to your Customers list, and then ask them to signup to OFN.

5) Setup Schedules, which will dictate how frequently subscriptions are processed.

Secondly, once you have configured your shop see the Subscriptions - Creating and Managing Orders page for information about creating and managing your customers' subscription orders.

6) Create subscriptions for each customer.

7) How to edit, pause and delete subscriptions.

8) How subscriptions are processed.

Finally, see the Subscriptions - the customer's perspective for details about what your customers need to do to have a subscription, and how they'll experience the subscription system.

9) Consider the customer experience of subscriptions, including FAQs customers may have.