Customer specific pricing

Sometimes our users want to charge different prices for different customers, often based on their member Vs non-member status.Currently, there’s no way to automatically charge different prices for members vs non-members, but there are some round about ways of achieving the same thing.

  • You can use customer tagging, with tag rules, to make certain Variants, and Order Cyles only visible to specifically tagged customers. Some variants may be priced differently, or some order cycles may carry different enterprise fees. The advantage of this option is that the customers won't see the dual pricing system.

  • You could use shipping method fees to charge different prices to different customers. You can create a ‘member shipping method’ which may have a 30% mark-up, and a ‘non-member shipping method’ which might have a 50% markup. This will require you to check that the customer has selected the correct one at checkout, and both options will be visible to all customers.

  • If your payment method is cash upon collection, you can add the markup, or a ‘non-member’ fee after their order is placed, and add it to their invoice for when they collect their order and pay. You just need to make sure that your customers are aware of this process, which can be done in the ‘shopfront message’.

Please feel free to get in touch with your local OFN to discuss the pros and cons of each option for your specific case.